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Take A Byte Out Of This Gorgeously Designed Teeth Straightening Kit

by Shawn Binder on 11/30/2020 | 3 Minute Read

With a mission to bring more confident smiles into the world, the design for Byte packs a punch. Utilizing a striking cherry red and brilliant white, these two colors work together to make a brand design that is trustworthy and memorable. These personal aligners take the idea of embarrassing braces and flips it on it's head, making this brand trendy and alluring. The san serif typeface used throughout the design is modern and full of millenial personality, making this the perfect alternative for people in their mid-twenties who would like a brush-up on their teeth, post high-school braces.

Our favorite design element is the chomp bite out of the b in byte, a subtle nod to the mission of the brand showcased in a fun visual way. 

With hip copy throughout the brand identity such as "byte me," this is a cleanly designed brand that looks sophisticated enough to capture the attention of an older crowd, with the spirit set to attract a younger one.

With an addressable market of over 124 million Americans wanting straighter teeth, Byte was founded with the goal of making the inaccessible, accessible, by creating a more affordable, convenient, and modern way of getting a confident smile you love. Byte's doctor-directed aligner system straightens and whitens your teeth from home in half the time and cost of competitors. 

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In today’s “new normal,” when people are taking meetings from their couch on Zoom and foregoing the gym for their Peloton bike, this at-home design is more important than ever. Every day, we strive to meet people where they are, offering a more convenient way to get orthodontic care.

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We created Byte to be a millennial minded brand that is bold, authentic, personable, and diverse. We love connecting with our community; when customers sign on with us, we’re interested in their “why.” We want to give them a sense of confidence to use their voice without holding back.

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We’re proud of our stance as an industry disruptor, launching exclusive product offerings like Smile Science technology that designs a unique smile that considers your face’s points of symmetry, a device called HyperByte that helps cut treatment times in half of what our competitors would be, a multi-tasking teeth whitener and more -- we’re re-thinking what self-care looks like and how it can be done with ease. This sense of forward-thinking is reflected in our branding and packaging, and shines through in our obsession with customer service as well (since launching, we’ve become the #1 rated brand of at-home aligners!). And we’re not stopping there; this is an industry that hasn’t changed in years, and we’re constantly pushing the envelope in what can be done to move it forward. We were excited to recently partner with insurance companies, making obtaining aligners even easier for customers -- a major shift for the industry. 

And to further our goal of making the historically inaccessible, accessible, we also launched a charitable arm called ByteCares. Partnering with inspiring organizations in underserved communities across the country, our mission is to improve 10,000 smiles by 2022.