NB Studio Unveils Bespoke Design for The Kraken's Limited Edition Release: Unknown Deep

by Andrew Gibbs on 11/24/2020 | 2 Minute Read

NB Studio unveils a beautiful bespoke design for The Kraken Rum's limited edition release, Unknow Deep.

The NB team are delighted to unveil our bespoke bottle design in collaboration with The Kraken rum.

Our Black Glass Tentacle bottle is central to the brand’s new ‘Unknown Deep’ Limited Edition campaign, also developed by NB.

Adorned with embossed tentacle detailing and stained by The Kraken’s black ink, this collectible Limited Edition is sought after by brand fanatics. It pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in glass while achieving savings of 35% on its ceramic predecessor.

NB also created the ‘Unknown Deep’ campaign for the Limited Edition, enriching the brand’s mythology. Each year, taking consumers deeper and deeper on the most ambitious dive expedition to date, in a quest to reveal new clues about the elusive Kraken.

Our first plunge into the ‘Unknown Deep’ takes us 200m under into the ‘epipelagic zone’. Bravely commandeered from the Kraken’s lair, the 2020 Limited Edition design is encrusted in precious gold and ancient currency which depicts the beast. How and why the Kraken happened upon this inestimable cache – only the beast knows.

NB has created an entire brand universe - not only bespoke packaging but the tools to tell a compelling story from social to e-commerce to the physical shelf.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
  • The Kraken Rum – Unknown Deep: Designed By:NB Studio
  • Instagram: @nbstudio_london
  • Creative Director: Alan Dye
  • Creative Director: Nick Finney
  • Designer: Sam Pittman
  • Photographer: Paul Zak


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