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Waffle House Collaboration Fights For The Title Of Breakfast Beer King

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/19/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Many a night of debauchery and tomfoolery reach their inevitable conclusion at a Waffle House. The American diner chain is open 24/7, usually every day of the year, and long-recognized for its breakfast offerings, the type of greasy, sweet, savory, and customizable food that is so instrumental when it comes to sopping up the booze. As good as it is post-game, fans of the restaurant chain don’t have to wait until the end of their pub crawl for a Waffle House experience, thanks to a collaboration with fellow Georgians Oconee Brewing Company.

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Bacon and Kegs is a red ale that combines malty sweetness with a smoky, salty, and savory bacon essence. The 6.6% ABV beer comes inside a wonderfully illustrated can, designed by Georgia-based agency Brock Company and the beer’s name looks like a dead-ringer for the iconic and highly visible Waffle House signs. A typical location gets memorialized on the back, and a pattern of bacon and beer mugs occupy the yellow middle of the can. Small bands of black on the top and bottom of the can completes the on-brand Waffle House look. Oconee’s co-branding is small, but its logo shows up twice on the can, not that you'll be looking at it much because the power of the Waffle House is strong.

Sadly, you won’t be able to order up this beer along with your 3 AM breakfast at Waffle House, as it will only be available at Oconee Brewing’s location, beginning December 18th, in six-packs and on draft, including growlers.