Bud Light Unveils First Game Console With Built-In Beer Koozies

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/19/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Lots of people are on the hunt for the new Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X, while savvy and soulless resellers are chumming the waters with hopes of profiting several times over retail. And while everyone focuses on the latest from Sony and Microsoft, someone else has also released a new console with some slick technology, which might not be cutting-edge but innovative in its own right.


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Yup, the beer maker continues in the tradition of genius with a new game console called BL6. The “6” isn’t about the number of iterations of the beer-themed system but rather a nod to its six-pack-inspired form factor—much smaller than the latest monsters from Tokyo and Redmond. The gaming device is shaped like a six-can carrier and sports Bud Light’s signature blue, but the thin strip of light and series of buttons discreetly placed near the bottom are tech tells that give up the beer charade. Two of the can slots house wireless controllers, and another two are koozies to keep cans of Bud cold. A built-in projector along with a half-dozen pre-loaded games, including fighters like Tekken, sports games like RBI, and an air hockey-ish experience gives the BL6 some serious six-pack party cred.

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Though the Bud Light console doesn’t have the highest specs, it does keep two more beers cooler than the competition and is beating the PS5 and Xbox in another category—price. The only way to buy Bud Light’s entry into the Console Wars is by bidding on it, and as of this writing, the highest offer is over $5,400 with only five days left to go. The winner won’t be lining the pockets of opportunist scalpers, however. Instead, they will be supporting the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s Change is on the Menu program, helping restaurant workers get back on their feet.

Game on.

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