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Predator Wines Will Make You View Ladybugs In A New Way

by Shawn Binder on 10/07/2020 | 1 Minute Read

Ladybugs are often considered gentle bugs by those who can appreciate nature, but in reality they are natural predators for bugs that would normally destroy grapes. The design is simple, yet effective, allowing the ladybug to command the design, including being an adorable addition to the bottle's cork wrapping. The rounded typeface surrounding the ladybug is striking and will instantly make this wine a household staple. 

What’s good for the vine is good for the wine.

The star of our rebrand of Predator Wines is the ladybug—best known for feeding on aphids and other unwanted vineyard pests. They are employed by many vineyards as a form of “natural predation”—an eco-friendly strategy which aims to avoid the use of pesticides altogether.

“Our goal with the Predator redesign was to depict a viticultural stewardship angle for the brand while showcasing the focus on our natural and sustainable farming practices. It’s our belief that quality wine begins in the vineyard. The new easy-to-read, colorful labels pop off retailer shelves and are a delightful addition to the dinner table.” —Morgan Zaninovich, General Manager of the Rutherford Wine Company.

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