Featured image for Your French Fries Will Look A Lot More Ghoulish With Heinz's 'Tomato Blood'

Your French Fries Will Look A Lot More Ghoulish With Heinz's 'Tomato Blood'

by Rudy Sanchez on 10/27/2020 | 1 Minute Read

The 2020 iteration of Halloween is most certainly going to be different, what with the very real and legit scary coronavirus catching a second wave in some places as the holiday approaches. Even our most innocent of rituals-trick-or-treating-will be impacted in some way, leaving parents scrambling for an All Hallow' Eve alternative. You'd probably stoop so low as to pretend that the ketchup you're using to drown your burgers and fries is blood-good one, Dad.

Well, Heinz is treating some online revelers with a limited-edition bottle of “Tomato Blood,” which is Heinz 57’s nom-de-Halloween, holding a Tik-Tok challenge with entrants tagging their videos featuring the condiment #HeinzHalloween and #Sweepstakes. An entry form, as well as full sweepstakes details and rules, are at www.heinzhalloween.com.

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The glass bottle is standard-issue 57, but the label is a Halloween-themed design. The brand’s signature keystone gets set in black and white, with “tomato blood” dripping down the logo. The sanguine effect is reminiscent of horror film posters - fitting, considering that many will celebrate the holiday staying in and watching a scary movie.

Instead of 666 bottles, Heinz is giving away a less-satanic and perhaps more on brand 570 examples of Tomato Blood. Tik-Tokers have until Oct. 31, 11:59 CDT to stop harassing poor Starbucks baristas with crazy drinks and enter to win.

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