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PHILEMA Is Strong, Feminine Energy Bottled In A Wine

by Shawn Binder on 10/20/2020 | 2 Minute Read

The design for PHILEMA, which means “kiss” in Greek takes its cues from the name itself. The most striking feature of the design is the pair of black lips that have a 3D element that makes them leap off the label.

The floral illustration on the black lips make PHILEMA a powerfully feminine wine perfect for a night with your best girlfriends. 

The project originated from the creativity of a Piedmontese entrepreneur, who put to use an ancient family vineyard cultivated with Freisa vines. It consists of a black grape variety, which is native to Piedmont. Freisa is a rustic vine, optimal in this area of little summer rainfall, but capable of surviving when it’s very humid. It is used throughout the region both in purity and in cuts. Its features give color and good tannic concentration, as well as fruity scents to the wines.The harvested grapes are blent with Bonard grapes, thus creating a young, brave, and modern Monferrato DOC Rosso. Perfect for an adult who loves personality and conviviality.

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We were tasked with exploring a new wine identity: pursuit of the bottle, creation of the brand and image of the product. The aim was to create a memorable bottle with a strong character and personality, meant for a mature and contemporary public. This new proposal had to be able to tell a story of no immediate codification. targeting the fantastic and creative, which happens to be different from the existing canons. The designs also needed to stem from the name PHILEMA, which means “kiss” in Greek.

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The name inspired the layout, as well as the soft and bold nature of the wine, which goes well with different occasions. The wine is targeted towards a youthful crowd who loves beauty, lightness and the pleasure of being together. The producer wanted this background red color to keep contact with the target and any occasion of use, leaving a powerful impression and stimulating the emotion of passion and pleasure. The brave key visual of the mouth, painted with a floral theme in a kind of “make up artist” style, recalls the beauty and the nature of still, dry wine, offering fruity and ‘colored’ tones to the palate together with spicy pepper notes.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
  • Designed By: Neom
  • Creative Directors: Giacomo Stefanelli, Barbara Cesura
  • Client Manager:: Stefano Giuseppe Del'Orto


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