Featured image for Gogo Quinoa Puffs: The Higher The Hair, The Better The Design

Gogo Quinoa Puffs: The Higher The Hair, The Better The Design

by Shawn Binder on 10/16/2020 | 2 Minute Read

The higher the hair, the better the design! 

The design for Gogo Quinoa is a funky throwback to the big hairstyles and even bigger personalities of the 1970s. Each flavor variant features a fun character with a larger-than-life hairstyle. The 'doo is a fun play on the puffy snack, making the brand cheeky and instantly recognizable. Sure, it shares some color inspiration from Smart Pop, but don't let that get in your way of admiring this smart design. Thankfully, Gogo Quinoa firmly establishes its own identity with the characters on the packaging, as it bursts with individuality. 

Gogo Quinoa is crazy for quinoa and loves to bring new relevance to this ancient staple with inventive new products that bring out quinoa’s best qualities.

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For the first time in Canada, they wanted to enter the organic and natural salty snack category with quinoa puffs snacks. We wanted the design to evoke "the goodness inside" with a modern, optimistic and uplifting approach. We wanted this snack to offer a fun, inventive and inspiring product experience with a design infused with humanity and dynamism.

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This trio of flavors is illustrated by characters as colorful as the flavors they represent. Whether it’s the high hair or long beard, this imagery is rooted in the shape of the product itself. The way to show the product is different and really pops out as characters actually hold a quinoa puff in their hands. The bold colors of the characters over the black background really stand out, creating a powerful shelf impact.

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The design of the back panel also contributes to visually communicate the storytelling of the product and the brand. We created a link with the main imagery where a romance invites the consumer to learn more about the benefits of quinoa. As for the shipper box, it was also created to maximize the impact in-store once they are displayed. A dotted path, reminiscent of the back of the packaging, is traced to continue in all directions creating a continuity of brand imagery from one box to the other, and from one side to the other.

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Editorial photograph
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  • Designed By: Pigeon Brands
  • Instagram: @pigeonbrands
  • Creative Direction: Olivier Chevillot
  • Art Direction: Jacinthe Archambault
  • Design: Jacinthe Archambault & Talyanne Belanger
  • Beauty Shots:: Marie-Ève Grégoire


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