Vault49 Creates A Cheeky Limited Edition Bottle For Bell's Scotch Whisky

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/29/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Vault49 tapped into Bell Whisky's wry, cheeky, and irreverent brand personality to create a limited edition holiday label that plays on gift giving misses in a lighthearted way. 

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“Relatable and personal

The history of Bell’s Whisky dates back to 1825 – it’s the creation of Scotsman Arthur Bell, whose likeness still holds a place of prominence on the standard Bell’s bottle.

Over nearly 200 years, the brand has maintained a reliable, traditional appeal on drinks shelves. The opportunity to create a new LTO gift pack in time for Christmas provided a chance to show off a wry, cheeky side of the Bell’s personality that stands out on the shelf as a relatable and personal gift.

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Crafting a universal experience

Bell’s approached Vault49 to create a new limited edition pack that feels crafted for the gifting season while highlighting the brand’s distinctive sense of fun holiday humor.

Sam Wilkes, Creative Director, Vault49 says, ‘We wanted to deliver something that spoke directly to Bell’s long-standing core base of drinkers, but more importantly stood out to the family and friends searching for the perfect gift. The packaging and campaign we’ve designed – which pokes fun at classically cringe gifts – taps into a universal experience in a fun, fresh, lighthearted way. It will make the people buying it – and the people receiving it – feel in on a shared joke, and make them smile.’

Vault49’s LTO pack builds upon and elevates the classic Bell’s bottle with a handcrafted style that feels premium while invoking a traditional Christmas coziness. Arthur Bell himself claims center stage on the design, shoeless and surrounded by charming illustrations of socks, woolly jumpers, and other disappointing gifts the Bell’s LTO can replace.

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Bell’s and whistles

Based on Vault49’s insightful approach to the on-pack storytelling project, Bell’s requested an accompanying roll-out campaign to create a consistent narrative across markets and reinforce the principal gifting message. The resulting work – which includes a toolkit of hero creative assets and implementation guidelines – allowed the agency to further develop Bell’s wry tone of voice and ultimately breathe fresh air into a classic brand.

“We were able to showcase the witty personality of the brand and give consumers a new way to connect with Bell’s. Gift-giving can be difficult, so we wanted to encourage people to avoid the uncertainty and give their loved ones a gift they’ll actually want,” says Wilkes.

The Bell’s gift pack by Vault49 is on shelves now, and fans can expect to see more collaboration between Bell’s and Vault49 in the future.”

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