Featured image for Agency Taxi Creates A Goop-Style Penis Candle, Highlights Canadian Gender Pay Gap

Agency Taxi Creates A Goop-Style Penis Candle, Highlights Canadian Gender Pay Gap

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/24/2020 | 2 Minute Read

When actor Gwyneth Paltrow talks about her hoo-hah, the internet seems to collectively lose its mind, usually because it’s either TMI or she’s giving supremely bad advice, like sticking rocks into the baby dispenser. 

Falling in the former camp is the recently released “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle that, as the name implies, is the olfactory doppelganger to the forgetful Marvel actor’s nether-bits. Seeing an opportunity to raise awareness of something perhaps just as gross but impactful to more women, Canadian agency Taxi has designed a candle meant to illuminate the gender pay gap in their country with “This Smells Like My Penis” candle.

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If you thought experiencing the aroma of the “Iron Man” co-star’s vajayjay was pricey at $75, This Smells Like My Penis costs $25 more. The price increase is in reference to the Canadian gender pay gap, which according to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, on average, is 75 cents for every dollar a Canadian man earns, with the gap wider for indigenous, newcomer, and racialized women.

The penis candle and label is nearly identical to the Goop vagina candle, surely meant to symbolize equality between the genders and their work. Taxi’s candle also carries a message explaining the purpose of the penis candle project, which is to bring an end to the disparate pay women receive.

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According to the product description, “This candle costs 25% more than its vagina-smelling equivalent. That's because even though it's illegal in Canada to pay women less than men, the gender pay gap smells as strong as ever. On average, women earn 75 cents for every dollar men make. It's time to burn the gender pay gap.”

Taxi is mum on if the penis candle smells like a week-old bologna and gorgonzola sandwich, or when it will be made available for purchase.