Just Like Marvel, You Can Expand The Chupa Chups Universe

by Bill McCool on 01/16/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Know who rebranded Chupa Chups back in the late 60s? Salvador Dali. 

Yeah, that guy. The mustachioed surrealist insisted that not only should the logo come inside a bright yellow daisy, but that the consumer should see it at the very top of the lollipop so it would always be seen intact.

The logo was later revised, but the architecture remains the same for this well-known, mildly psychedelic looking confection. But how do you apply an instantly recognizable brand across licensed products? That was the challenge presented to the Spanish and Australian design agency Vibranding.

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You can’t just slap the daisy on a box and call it a day, the elements of the brand have to work in harmony with whatever licensed product that becomes an extension of the brand. So, using Chupa Chups’ flavors to guide them, Vibranding was able to build a visual code that would lend itself to the brand identity.

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“The taste of a Chupa Chups is a very powerful element in the identity of your brand,” said Vibranding in their case study. “The most powerful? Along with its logo, possibly the most powerful. That is why our idea was to graphically represent that power of flavors. From here comes the pattern that we created as a unifying element in the brand architecture of this project. Colored waves that represent the flavors of Chupa Chups spreading everywhere.”

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When they defined each flavor and its corresponding color scheme, they created additional structures for tropical and multi-flavor combinations, along with graphics, flavor pictograms, and fonts that would be essential for any licensed use they might encounter. Best of all, they wrapped up in a brand book for the new visual identity, that way, no matter who designed the packaging or branding for a licensed product, they would have a roadmap straight from Chupa Chups.

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While only time will tell whether or not we get to see Chupa Chups outside of a lolli, we can’t wait to see the dazzling array of colors and patterns they have on the horizon. And if it happens to come in the form of froyo or beer, that’s cool too.

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