This Permanent Makeup Brand is Inspired by Classic Art Masterpieces

by Andrew Gibbs on 01/15/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Inspired by classic art masterpieces, this brand of permanent makeup pigments was designed by Moscow based Repina Branding.

"Strategy: No matter how absolute the beauty of a woman is, she still seeks to improve something in herself. In the process of work, we thought about the concept of enduring beauty, about whether there is an invariable standard of beauty, and decided to create a brand that will help women find their own way of improvement, their equivalent of beauty. So, the brand name «Eqviv» was born (derived from "equivalent")."

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"Design: We turned to the world-famous masterpieces of art that have become recognized as symbols of beauty: Mona Lisa, The girl with a pearl earring, The girl with an ermine. If all these women turned into real ones, then perhaps they would also have found flaws in themselves: Mona Lisa has no eyebrows, the girl from Vermeer's canvas does not have thick eyelashes, and the girl with ermine has pale lips.

The heroines of these paintings became the main characters on the packaging. Illustrations based on these images made in halftone style reflect the process of applying permanent makeup stuffed with a needle. On each packaging and bottle, the dot indicates the areas of permanent paint application."

- creative director Alexandra Loginevskaya - art director Anvar Kurbanov - art director Anna Kamenkova - designer Alexandra Holodnaya - brand strategist Agata Suligovska - manager Alexander Yarysh - motion designer Nikita Bulgakov - 3d designer

  • Creative Director: Valeria Repina
  • Art Director: Alexandra Loginevskaya
  • Art Director: Anvar Kurbanov
  • Designer: Anna Kamenkova
  • Brand Strategist: Alexandra Holodnaya
  • Manager: Agata Suligovska
  • Motion Designer: Alexander Yarysh
  • 3D Designer: Nikita Bulgakov
  • Agency: Repina Branding


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