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Heinz Limited-Edition Can Reminds Everyone That Their Beans Are Vegan

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/14/2020 | 2 Minute Read

January is a time when folks resolve to make healthy changes to their habits, such as going “dry,” i.e., abstaining from alcohol, or going meat-free as part of “Veganuary,” an initiative that asks flesh-eaters to sign a 31-day pledge to abstain from animal products. 

Veganurary has gained steam in recent years - in 2019, 500 companies promoted the campaign, which included the launch of over 200 new vegan products and menus. And while some might think that going plant-based a costly or taxing endeavor, Heinz UK wants to remind the vegan-curious that their familiar beans are 100% free of animal products.

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“Exotic” ingredients like quinoa or kale and even engineered alt-meats like Impossible aren’t necessary for a plant-based diet. Humble and classic foods like Heinz baked beans are hearty and familiar staples that don’t contribute as much to the growing the climate crisis as meat. In their announcement supporting Veganuary, Heinz says that in a survey, 60% of respondents were surprised at the foods they could still eat while going vegan, and 1-in-10 weren’t aware that the brand’s baked beans were vegan-friendly.

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As part of this awareness campaign, Heinz is offering limited-edition cans exclusively through online supermarket Ocado while supplies last. The can’s label sports the familiar Heinz keystone-number 57-and dark cyan background, but the copy is replaced with “Beanz Meanz Vegan,” instead of the usual “Heinz Beans in a rich tomato sauce” and “1 of your 5 a day” banner, highlighting the product’s plant-based bona fides.

Veganuary participants worried that eating more baked beans will cause a cubicle crisis should fret not, as the legume's reputation for causing bum toots gets mercilessly exaggerated.