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Voilà’s Vision For Instant Coffee Is Clear With Redesign

by Shawn Binder on 09/18/2019 | 2 Minute Read

From a packaging standpoint, third-wave coffee has been a delight to witness. Even twenty years ago, Starbucks was the peak in gourmet coffee, but with more people approaching coffee akin to wine-tasting, the products have become more elevated. 

Voilà, an international leader in high-end instant coffee, recently announced their new visual design to help further align them with the high-quality product offered in each box, and we're enamored with their eco-friendly packaging.

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The package itself reminds us of a deck of cards and opens to reveal individual packets reminiscent of the sugar packs you'd find in a diner. Each of the four box designs features a different marbled pattern serving as a reminder of the dynamic, ever-changing view above. When the four boxes are lined up, they reveal a continuous, expansive terrain. 

The packets are 100% home-compostable, and commercially, it allows consumers interested in a farm-to-cup coffee to experience it without having to buy expensive at-home equipment. The packaging for Voilà itself, designed by Jennifer James Wright, is comprised of 80% post-consumer recycled fiber and was made with wind power. Better still, they claim the box stock is carbon neutral. 

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“It’s been over a year in the making,” said Kent Sheridan, founder of Voilà. “Every since we switched to fully printed packets, we wanted to develop something really stunning for the brand. I spent six months collecting thoughts while searching for the perfect designer to take on our project. I first discovered Jennifer’s work through a collaboration between Quill and Siela. It immediately connected with me."

For the work itself, they explored a variety of hand-rendered art through the design process. Woodblock printing, abstract painting, and stamped artifacts were all used in an attempt to capture a sense of place. Ultimately, Violà landed on a special marbling treatment, and in doing so, paid homage to their home and the vast, beautiful desert sky of Bend, Oregon. 

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“From our very first conversation, it was clear just how much eastern Oregon and Bend’s surrounding high desert has influenced Voilà over the years, giving them space to admire, rethink, and innovate,” said designer Jennifer James Wright. “Folding that inspiration into the rebrand seemed like the only way to go, a true expression of the team.” 

The vision of Voilà is clear with the rebrand, making it not only beautiful but giving it voice. When it comes to instant coffee, the expectation is that it doesn’t have to be good; it just needs to get the job done. That’s an expectation that Voilà is looking to buck, and doing so in stunning fashion. 

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