'Rick & Morty' Fans Rejoice Over Pickle Rick Cereal

by Shawn Binder on 08/09/2019 | 2 Minute Read

If you’ve never heard of Rick & Morty, then you’ve probably never heard of Pickle Rick. For those of you who are green to the bonkers kids-but-made-for-adults cartoon, Pickle Rick is the eccentric scientist Rick Sanchez after he turns himself into a pickle in season 3. Since then, he’s gone on to be a beloved character in the bizarre and hilarious world of the show. 

And because Rick & Morty’s cult following regurgitates “I’M PICKLE RICK” on the reg, naturally they needed to have a cereal brought to you by Funko

While we’re sweet on this collaboration, we couldn’t help but wonder: would Pickle Rick cereal taste like pickles themselves? 

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Thankfully, the cereal will come sans the pickle taste but maintain the radioactive green that Pickle Rick is known for. 

Funko designed the outside of the box, which features the beloved character smiling as he clutches a spoon menacingly. Nothing like nightmare fuel to start your day, right kids? The color scheme of the box features a gradient yellow as the background with various greens utilized to really drive home the point that pickles are, well, green. 

The box design features pop font that's in-line with the show’s aesthetic and appears to be oozing slime for an extra layer of cartoon fun. Pickle Rick seems to be caught in the crosshairs of a sniper, and adorned on the box are bullet holes to drive home the scene. 

The cereal launches on September 20th and rings in at an alarming $14.99, which may seem like a steep price for a multi-grain cereal, but considering Rick & Morty fans feel like they’re operating on another level, something tells us they’ll think it is worth the investment. 


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