Please Don't Drink From This Perfume Bottle

by Shawn Binder on 08/09/2019 | 2 Minute Read

As Lizzo once said, “if the juice ain’t worth the squeeze, then the juice don’t look like this.” 

We don’t think Lizzo was talking about Eau De Juice, Cosmo’s new fragrance line launched August 1st in collaboration with LUXE Brands but, God, we wish she were.  

The new line may look like the sexy older cousin of the Hi-C you’d want to drink on a hot, summer day, but they’re only moonlighting in juice box form. Of course, the juicy collaboration is significant for the lifestyle magazine. "Fragrance is the busy girl's best secret weapon, and considering the fact that Cosmo readers account for one-third of all beauty spending in this country, this is the perfect new extension for our brand," said Cosmo Editor-in-chief Jessica Pels in a press release.?

?Sold online exclusively or in Ulta stores, the Eau De Juice line comes in four flavors—"Extra Concentrated," "100% Chilled," "Love, Unfiltered," and "Pure Sugar." These four fragrances were crafted by "renowned perfumers" at Firmenich who specialize in scents and flavors — meaning there might be no better company to blend a scent inspired by juices since they’re the olfactory geniuses behind most of what you smell in the grocery store anyways. 

Each package outside of “Extra Concentrated,” is a matte blue, white, and pink respectively. The choice to make “Extra Concentrated” well, extra, with the gold plating was a charming touch by Brooklyn-based design team POWERSHOVEL.

The choices make the packaging seemingly luxe, with the actual spray apparatus doubling as the faux straw of the pouch. There are even noticeable ripples that anyone who has held a juice box will recognize. The resulting details make for a flirty, fun bottle that will bring you back to your playground days.

"Our vision was to create a brand narrative that is aspirational yet relatable, with a wink of humorous sensibility," Chief Marketing Officer of LUXE Brands, Noreen Dodge, said in the same press release. "The concept, fragrances and packaging all needed to bring this to life for our consumer."

Although we’re not sure if Cosmo’s statement that “perfume is a lazy girl’s best secret weapon” is accurate, since their secret weapon is likely apathy, we can’t deny that their campy packaging hits the sweet spot. 

 At $55.00 a piece, these delectable scents may not quench your thirst, but they’ll make all the boys/ girls/ non-binary people in your life wish they had a tall glass of water when you walk by. 

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