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Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founder Releases Ice Cream Inspired By Bernie Sanders

by Rudy Sanchez on 08/08/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen is a longtime supporter of presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, which isn’t much of a surprise since one of them set up shop in Vermont, and the other represents the state in the U.S. Senate. 

While Cohen no longer creates creamy concoctions for the company he started with Jerry Greenfield, they’re still churning out frozen desserts independently, and their latest flavor found inspiration once again via the presidential candidate and his progressive agenda.

“Bernie’s Back” is the second ice cream created to support Sanders; the first was developed during the 2016 presidential campaign Cohen and released as “Bernie’s Yearning.”  They sell both flavors under his personal label “Ben’s Best,” a brand unaffiliated with Ben & Jerry’s (which Unilever owns and operates).

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Bernie’s Back is a hot cinnamon ice cream with a butter toffee core and a thin chocolate disc on top. The chocolate disk, which represents the top 1%, is meant to be broken up and swirled into the rest of the ice cream. The hot cinnamon flavor symbolizes holding politicians’ feet to the fire, and the toffee core is Sander’s “steadfast determination to un-rig our economy.”

You know, the kind of ice cream flavor that only a couple of stoned undergrads could come up with, or Ben Cohen. The pint of democratic socialist metaphor prominently features Bernie and instructs buyers to “open joyfully” so they can taste the “political revolution inside,” something that some conservative wouldn’t stand for.

Political Twitter’s whipping boy Sen. Ted Cruz tried yet again to make a funny on the social media platform using the new ice cream to take a jab at Bernie's Social Democratic platform, saying “Best of all, it will be handed out for free at every supermarket,” which isn’t entirely inaccurate, since you can't find the ice cream at the store. Only 40 pints will be made, each numbered and signed by Cohen, and given away via a sweepstakes in support of Bernie's 2020 campaign.

Ben Cohen hopes to garner attention for Sanders using delicious ice cream, but if that doesn’t win you over, the candidate did tell cage fighting commentator and stand-up comic Joe Rogan that he would tell us about all the aliens should he win the election.

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