Creative Agency Anthem Shows Bamboo Isn’t Just A Panda Snack With Tissue Concept

by Rudy Sanchez on 08/15/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Bamboo is a super-plant; it grows as swiftly as a weed, provides sustenance to both people and animals, can be used as fuel (as biofuel and charcoal), and serves as a versatile alternative to hardwoods in construction.

Another application for this wonder grass is paper as you can use the resilient fibers to produce a sustainable material. Trees used for paper pulp can take up to sixteen years to grow, whereas bamboo fully matures as soon as six years.

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Creative agency Anthem’s Benelux team saw the potential for a tissue paper made of bamboo as an environmentally-friendly alternative to paper tissues, highlighting both the versatility and sustainability of the material, using the bamboo to not only create the tissue paper but also in the packaging, creating a 100% biodegradable product.

“Bamboo Tissues concept design is inspired by all the amazing benefits of the natural plant, including its structure," says senior designer Kim Dero. "The individual stems of a bamboo plant, known as culms, when cut are similar to the shape and structure of a simple can – perfect for storing face tissues."

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The packaging’s design also mimics the plant visually, and the shape allows for products to be stacked in a similar way to bamboo culms, making it easier to store and ship the product efficiently.

When ethically sourced, bamboo is a miracle plant, a sustainable source of raw material, that even though we’ve been using for thousands of years, is still inspiring new uses, as Anthem has demonstrated to transcendent effect with Bamboo Tissues.


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