Corona Asks Why Use A Six-Pack Ring When You Could Just Stack The Cans Instead?

by Shawn Binder on 08/13/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Corona is on a mission to reduce the plastic in their packaging, and they recently unveiled their next step in doing so—Fit Packs. 

The Fit Pack is a lock and key situation, allowing each can of Corona to screw on to the top of another. In essence, your cans of Corona combine like a transformer to make other packaging substrates like a box or plastic wrap unnecessary. The design comes with an assist from globally active advertising agency Leo Burnett and is shortlisted for the 2019 Cannes Innovation Lions shortlist.

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Of course, this is a natural move for the company as the Fit Pack is an element of Corona’s continued effort to make a positive impact on ocean life, one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals that they strive to follow. 

The newly designed packs come on the heels of Corona’s "Losing Blue" campaign in which the brand changed its packaging for the first time in a century to help fight pollution. The previous redesign showed Corona representing the level of plastic per-mile in the ocean by how far their signature blue inched up the cans for every beach in Mexico. Additionally, the Cerveza giants have begun to trial plastic-free six-pack rings.

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Currently, they are testing the cans on a pilot basis in Mexico, but eventually, the company plans to roll out the new can design everywhere Corona is sold. 

Designing the cans to twist off one another is cost-effective and something they actively encourage other beverage companies to adopt, as they’ve made the packaging designs public, that way any brand interested in reducing their plastic-use can utilize them.

You can stack ten cans on top of each other with ease, according to Corona’s official release on the new design. The packaging proves in a very tangible way that less really is more.

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