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Gelato Fiasco’s Redesign Is Anything But A Fiasco

by Shawn Binder on 08/01/2019 | 3 Minute Read

Gelato Fiasco, a Brunswick, Maine-based gelato company is furthering their sustainability this year in a design-forward way. Teaming up with Portland, Maine-based Might & Main design, Gelato Fiasco has rebranded to take their elegant & retro pint designs into the future. The former pints were made from plastic jars and screw metal tops.

Their paper logos previously featured the brand’s crest and san-serif font that correlated to the gelatos flavors. With this makeover, the new pints will be paper and give the brand a modern and sophisticated look while still being rooted in Maine’s history.

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According to Gelato Fiasco’s official statement on the rebrand, the redesign will have incredible impacts on reducing the company’s plastic output by “saving about 3 million all-plastic jars from being used over the next year, and the paper pint filling technology will allow us more consistency in making sure pints are frozen for maximum creaminess and are packed with more chunks and swirls than any other gelato.”

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The redesign by Portland, Maine-based Might & Main is elegant, vibrant, and modern, allowing Gelato Fiasco to step into the future in a move they’re calling a good fit for their brand and the environment.

“I had been trying to reduce plastic usage in my own life,” said co-founder and CEO Joshua Davis in a press release. “While personal practice is a great start, it became increasingly uncomfortable and untenable to ignore an obvi- ous contradiction: If I am trying to reduce my plastic consumption as a single consumer, why not get real and cut out literally millions of plastic pint containers that I have some control over?”

The Gelato brand, which boasts flavors such as Doughing Me, Doughing You and Netflix and Chill, was launched back in August 2007 with locations in Brunswick and Portland, and you can find their pints of ice cream at over 5,000 grocers.

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Their Flagship Store in Brunswick has been rated a Maine Environmental Leader by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, meaning that the company meets the state's criteria for sustainability through their environmentally-friendly initiatives.

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The creamery also decided on disposable dishes and cups that can either be composted or recycled, in addition to their Flagship store offering weekly compost pick-ups. All of the Gelato Fiasco stores have converted from plastic sample spoons to metal, further reducing their plastic footprint. Their registers print receipts with BPA-free paper and since launch has refused to use styrofoam cups or dishes.

It's refreshing to see founder-led businesses help push sustainability forward in the icecream space, especially when it ends up looking this good. Sustainability and a flavor called Cookie Therapy?

We’ll raise our spoons to you, Gelato Fiasco.

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