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Introducing Veil, the First Room Spray For the Modern Cannabis Smoker

by Rudy Sanchez on 07/24/2019 | 3 Minute Read

The consensus around cannabis has changed in recent years, with a clear majority of folks—62 percent—in favor of marijuana legalization according to a recent Pew research study.

Unsurprisingly, support for legal bud grows with each younger generation, and with more access and less stigma towards cannabis, many canna-brands approach branding and packaging with a more mainstream ethos instead of the amateur-head shop aesthetic that dominated the past.

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Even though using marijuana carries less of a scarlet letter these days, that doesn’t mean the modern weed smoker wants their room to smell of cannabis smoke. Two of those contemporary tokers are Veil co-founders Noah Kotlove and Spencer Joynt.

They felt all deodorizers purported to work on marijuana smoke were ineffective, full of harsh chemicals, downmarket, or worse, all of the above. Having collaborated on past projects, they both set out to create a natural, non-toxic deodorizer specially designed to neutralize cannabis smoke. Their latest creation, Veil, uses actual chemistry, so your living room doesn’t have to smell like Otto’s jacket.

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Veil’s formulation works on a molecular level, combining with the smoke, altering its molecular composition, and neutralizing the odor. This isn’t some cheap stoner contraption like a homemade dryer sheet sploof, it’s a real solution, because, in 2019, it’s OK for adults to smoke weed.

The formulation is based on essential oils and is described by Veil as “combining sweet orange, cracked black pepper, and Virginia Cedar – a balanced mixture of funk and finery,” made right in the U.S.A.

The branding is a combination of funk and finery, combining a few marijuana tropes with an upscale, refined vision. Veil’s goal was to pay homage to traditional cannabis culture through the prism of high fashion, beauty goods and luxury. Spencer Joynt also credits Italian photographer and artist Pierpaolo Ferrari as a source of influence on Veil’s branding and visual language.

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“Increasingly, cannabis consumption is becoming more about wellness and mindfulness than getting stoned,” says Spencer. “The contemporary cannabis user is high-functioning, pun very much intended. Cannabis is part of their lifestyle, but it doesn’t define them.”

Joynt is no stranger to contemporary wellness brands, having worked on projects for hims and hers through his NYC-based design shop. Likewise, it isn't co-founder Noah Kotlove first rodeo in wellness or self-improvement as he developed an app for members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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Cannabis is frequently used as a way to unwind at the end of the day, and the brand reflects this in some of their visual assets, like the illustration of a woman taking a bath with a joint perched upon a nearby ashtray. Nods to traditional marijuana culture includes the name of the spray, “OG,” a reference to the popular OG Kush strain of cannabis, and the logotype has features reminiscent of Hindi; for centuries, many cultures on the Indian subcontinent have consumed cannabis in various forms, including an edible used for a variety of religious and medicinal reasons called Bhang.

Not only is Veil unconventionally cannabis contemporary, but their distribution model is also similarly new. Rather than partnering with big-box stores, Veil is selling direct, online, and through specialty-cannabis retailers. For Veil, getting into WalMart or Target isn’t seen as a pressing need, probably thanks to the ease of online shopping, and the success of DTC-models.

If you want to puff, puff, pass without the lingering skunkiness, Veil is available now at smellveil.com.

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