Absolut Believes Their New 'Juice’ Is Worth The Squeeze

by Rudy Sanchez on 07/17/2019 | 2 Minute Read

With summer in full swing, Absolut Vodka launched Absolut Juice, a vodka flavored with seasonal, natural fruit flavors and 5% real juice. Available in strawberry and apple, it has 99 calories per shot, which Absolut says is 20% fewer calories than a glass of rosé.

Of course, releasing a new juice-flavored vodka raises the question of who better to collaborate with than recording artist Lizzo whose chart-topper  "Juice" is the summer jam equivalent of a crisp, refreshing spritzer. Plus, the vodka maker and singer are bringing fans exclusive video content on social media.

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“When I heard Absolut was launching a new product called ‘Absolut Juice,’ it was like they made it just for me," Lizzo said via press release. "It's an honor to celebrate the success of my first single with Absolut's new product launch, and the synergy is almost too perfect. I can't wait to sip this with my big grrrls all summer and on tour this Fall. We're taking this on the road y'all cuz this Juice is worth the squeeze. Can I get some ice, please?!”

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Absolut Juice sports a familiar round bottle but features a botanical-style label evoking summer garden parties, reinforcing the naturally-derived flavor. Absolut suggests using Juice in cocktails like Juice & club soda, in a wine spritzer, or creating a refreshing punch.

Lizzo is currently is on tour, and Absolut Juice is available now nationwide.

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