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Now You Can Wear Cheetos Without Getting Covered In Cheese Dust

by Bill McCool on 06/06/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Who doesn’t love a good brand collaboration?

Today, Cheetos and Forever 21 announced they’ve collaborated on a brand new fashion line for folks who want to eat their Cheetos and wear them too. The line of branded merchandise includes towels, bathing suits, socks, t-shirts, and Flamin’ Hot tube dresses.

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Clearly, the masses have always wanted to wear a bag of Cheetos, and Forever 21 has heeded the call, and they’ve even brought Chester Cheetah along for the cheesy ride.

"We are so excited to join forces with an iconic snack like Flaming Hot Cheetos," said vice president of merchandising Linda Chang, in a statement. "Flaming Hot Cheetos fans are so fanatical, and over the past couple of years, we have seen their love for this food illustrated all over pop culture, and in particular, via social media. We are so honored to be releasing this limited edition capsule!"

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Forever 21 is no stranger to brand collaborations as they’ve previously teamed up with the world’s favorite chalupa slinger Taco Bell for a line of hoodies, t-shirts and bathing suits.

Cheetos gear is available at all Forever 21 stores nationwide and online starting today. No word yet on whether this latest brand extension is covered with a thin veneer of Cheetos dust, but we’ll keep you posted.

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