Coca-Cola Introduces A Signature Line Of Dark Mixers

by Casha Doemland on 05/17/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Coca-Cola has proven to be a classic mixer for dark spirits as cocktail aficionados around the globe have ordered enough Jack & Cokes or even rum and Cokes to warrant a mile long  Google search for the "perfect" recipe (protip, put the soda at the bottom of the glass to help mix the spirit without the soda going flat).

Great Britain, having picked up on the trend, is now delivering something fresh to the Coca-Cola family next month as they announced a new collection of mixers that are guaranteed to pair well with your favorite dark spirits.

Made from some of the world's leading bartenders and mixologists, this line of four mixers—Smoky, Spicy, Herbal and Woody—is a direct result of a Coke-curated workshop where mix-gurus were challenged to create something that would pair harmoniously with dark spirits out of Coca-Cola and 200 plus ingredients.

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“Coca-Cola has always had a synergy with dark spirits and classic cocktails, from the inception of the iconic Cuba Libre in the late 1900s to the popular Whiskey and Coke in the early 20th century," said Ana Amura, senior brand manager, of Coca-Cola Great Britain in a press release. "With the rise of mixed drinks, we’re excited to announce the launch of Coca-Cola Signature Mixers, a specific range uniquely created to mix with dark spirits.

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Each recipe brings its own set of unique notes to the table. For example, Smokey is made of ylang (an oil made from a tropical flower), ambrette seed, dried fruit and brown spices of Peru Balsam and amber that mix well with spiced rums and premium whiskeys, while Woody delivers more earthy notes from the combination of patchouli, yuzu and basil that pair well with golden rums and Bourbon whiskeys. Spicy, on the other hand, has got the bite of ginger and jalapenos with the aromatic jasmine that makes it the perfect match for spiced rums, aged/gold tequila or sweet whiskeys. Herbal keeps it fresh with lemongrass, dill seeds and tagetes that mix well with amber whiskeys and most rums.

While that's all fine and dandy, what delivers eye-catching joy is the package inspired by the antique 1894 Hutchinson glass bottle.  Pair that with the typographically driven all black and white label offering a pop of color, and you've got a stunning, retro mixer anyone would kill to have on their bar cart.

Unfortunately, the mixer will only be available at local UK grocers come June so it may be time to hit up that international pal and ask them to kindly mail you a collection so you can impress all your mixologist nerd friends.

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