Have A Sip Of The Elegantly Aromatic Theodore Pictish Gin

by Casha Doemland on 05/16/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Theodore Pictish Gin knows how to deliver a bottle of Scottish gin. The bottle itself is simplistic with nothing but the brand's mark, while the exterior packaging delivers chic botanicals that could have you mistaking it for a beauty product.


Theodore Pictish Gin is the first release from Greenwood Distillers, home to a collective of classically trained distillers and master blenders, untrained dreamers and impetuous doers.

Theodore is an elegantly aromatic Scottish gin, distilled and bottled in Ardross in the Northern Highlands. Inspired by the lost civilization of the Picts, it’s an homage to a war-like tribe that once made its home amidst these ancient rocks and valleys.


Theodore de Bry was a 16th-century engraver who powerfully brought the Picts to life through his art. Inspired by his drawings, Theodore Gin commissioned their own Pictish illustrations from Carlotta Saracco.

The branding, bottle and packaging were designed by Creative Affairs, a creative agency based in London & Barcelona. Theodore’s packaging was created as an homage to the Picts through illustrations of a body-painted warrior couple and the sixteen botanicals which flavour the gin.


Founder, Barthelemy Brosseau, says; “We have collaborated with an eclectic team of individuals who are pushing boundaries in their respective fields to create something special.”

Allied Glass said of the bottle design: ‘It was a pleasure to have worked on Theodore Pictish Gin, a stunning glass bottle. Manufactured in Extra White Flint Glass, the strong cylindrical bottle shape features uniform faceting which has been created to catch the light in a number of unique ways. Nolan Kane, New Business Development Manager at Allied, says: “This beautiful new bottle was crafted by a group of creative people all working towards the same goal of perfection; the bespoke bottle is, therefore, a wonderful expression of the Theodore Gin brand’s dedication to quality.”’


Agency - Creative Affairs
Creative Director - Roman Bianco, Creative Affairs
Illustrator - Carlotta Saracco
Bottles - Allied Glass
Tube Packaging - JPAK
Labels - CCL
Closures - Croxon's
Cases - Saxon packaging
Tissue Paper - ESC
Twine - Henry Winning


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