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DATA XMAS Presents Data in a Clever (and Edible) Way

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Data Xmas Presents Data in a Clever (and Edible) Way

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/01/2019 | 2 Minute Read


As always, Christmas arrives, and our marketing clients receive millions of gifts, and most of them go unnoticed. In order to generate a memory of our agency and our gift does not end up in the trash, we decided to send them what they love: data.

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The trouble:

Data is not physical and sometimes is a bit difficult to understand. That is why we turn them into something that can be touched, something that everyone likes and which is also very easy to digest: chocolate.

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Creative idea:

DATA XMAS is a set of four chocolate’s boxes with four edible infographics that uses the design to turn data into something simple to understand. So, the clients could understand how Christmas is built and we stand out in a market as saturated as Christmas gifts.


Each box is designed to be an experience, where the user takes a tour through all the Christmas components. It starts on the cover, where the user is introduced to the subject and continue inside, where data is represented with chocolate. So, we would help them to understand Christmas data because while they are reading them, the received a positive stimulus, thanks to the power of cocoa.

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On one hand we used a minimalist design for the compression of big data was very simple and, in adittion, the chocolates were more appetizing by their highlight colours. Further, we used quality materials so the result was an unboxing experience with premium product and user friendly.

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Inside the boxes they found such curious data as:“The best-selling nativity scene figurine was Donald Trump’s”“That the most heard carol was The BSO from home alone”“65% of Spanish people let the Christmas lights work all year”