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Roam Vapes Knows You're Thirsty For Escape

by Casha Doemland on 04/03/2019 | 5 Minute Read

Cannabis has had the not-so-great distinction of being known as a male-dominated industry with recent reports showing women's leadership positions having dropped to 27% from 36%. Despite that alarming statistic, the times are evolving as the legalization of cannabis continues to enter new states and countries, and women are stepping up to create a name for themselves in the industry.

There are female-run dispensaries like Magnolia Wellness, CBCB and Hi Fidelity, as well as female-owned companies like Felicity Chen's all-natural brand Honey Pot, the sisterhood of cannabis-loving women known as the Garden Society and the just-released enthralling vapes by Roam Escapes created by Hema Patel.

"Even though statistically women are the fastest growing cannabis users, people are scared to create a product marketed towards just half of the population," says Hema. "Traditionally, yes, it has been a very male-dominated industry in the past. The industry is starting to fill with a large number of female executives, which is why there are more female-focused brands coming into the market."

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"There's a social quality I think, that, as women, we are more likely to pay attention to forming and maintaining creative, supporting community that brings everyone up with them," she adds. "It's a quality that stretches across all ethnicities, demographics and backgrounds – that everyone should have a seat at the table."

As the creator of her own cannabis-based brand, Patel's story began when she wanted to get out of the advertising world and do something a little more creative. She teamed up with Santa Barbara-based growers Glass House Farms and launched Roam Escapes, a brand marketed towards canna-curios women who are looking to add something new to their wellness routine.

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It also stemmed from Patel's relationship with cannabis that led her to experience her fair share of ups and downs. Wanting to create a drama-free, safe experience, she crafted a brand and collection of products that are easily approachable, trustworthy and transparent. Her first step was giving the brand a name that signified the ability to roam and escape to a different destination as well as names for each blend after cities she had grown to love.

“I wanted to pick things that would be provocative for people, and you instantly understand the effect,” she says. “We could have picked a variety of different places for chill, but Bali has a reputation for healing and relaxation that I think most people understand. Additionally, I wanted it to be an exploration of the globe that wasn’t too heavy into one continent, so that explains the faraway cities.”

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She formulated tasty, sensorial experiences with the help of a manufacturer that brought that city to life as she discovered most canna-curious women enjoyed the lifestyle but not the flavor. For example, NYC Hustle delivers a vibrant berry flavor while Rio Soul offers up a hint of tropical fruit you'd find in Brazil.  

"It was really important for me when creating a brand for women, to not only supply something tasty but to create something with effects that are more relevant to women," states Hema. "We have one for chill and relaxation, as well as one for connecting on an intimate level or at a dinner party connecting to friends."

There are more blends to coming down the pipeline as she's formulating ones for sleep and hormonal balance. "We are really, just making sure that we understand what women are looking for when they’re using cannabis – it’s much more about a wellness usage rather than just to get high," chimes in Patel.

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Another way Roam Escapes is marketed towards women is through the packaging and product itself as it feels more like a beauty product than traditional cannabis piece. With a graphic and industrial design background, she stayed true to her vision and produced both herself. The ceramic pen features a lovely soft touch, offers tactility in an attractive manner and comes in light pastel colors, each distinguishing the different types of blends. It's beautiful to look at, easy to pass and something you can feel comfortable leaving on display in your home.

The designs themselves, however, tell a richer story. The R featured on the front of the cylindrical tube is a window into your intended destination. By placing those textures and photographic elements behind the R and having a peek through, Roam Escapes piques a consumer's curiosity by giving them a tiny glimpse of the places they'll go. Additionally, by utilizing a cylindrical tube and minimalistic design, Patel has created a product that looks similar to what one would find in the beauty aisle as opposed to the dispensary.

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"Roam Escapes creates an experience that takes her on the journey the time she sees the product to the moment she takes a puff," states Patel.

This is why Patel decided to combine the natural terpenes into the oil itself. Your journey is kickstarted as the terpene’s flavor aromatic instantaneously reacts. Sure, the THC won’t start for about 15 minutes, but the scents released upon that first puff will begin to affect your mood immediately, and that’s what you want the first moment you interact with the product. If you're in the business of transporting your clientele, it should be something that invigorates your senses.

"I'm a huge travel junkie and a big component of using your mind to transport you," says Patel. "I think we all use cannabis for different reasons.”

“So that journey of escaping is a journey in and of itself,” she adds, “and I wanted to help other women visualize a place you can go with cannabis by really capturing the wanderlust spirit without having to leave the comfort of your home."

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