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Vital Aquatics Is The Best Looking Fish Food Packaging We've Laid Eyes On

by Casha Doemland on 04/15/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Toma Studio helped Vital Aquatics create a line of playful packages for their premium fish food. Each design takes you underwater with your favorite aquatic fin friends that can't keep you from smiling.

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"Vital Aquatics is a premium series of fish feeds made specifically for professional fish breeders. The assortment of products consists of different feed mixes targeted for specific breeds and ages of fish.

The target audience of the fish feed market consists mostly of men, hobbyists and professional breeders, accustomed to simple and bold packages, usually with strong, dark colours, a 'heavy' feeling, and little focus on the graphics, with the exception of few nice designs."

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"Our task was to develop a visual system that appealed the specific target group, being also open to welcome younger and new fish enthusiasts.

We tried to achieve this setting aside the usual 'heavy' aesthetics of the existing packages on the market and going instead for a lighter and funny design, that could not only appeal to the professional customer, but also to the hobbyist."

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"We developed a colour system for the typography of the different products, and illustrated the different fish breeds focusing on colour gradients and shades.

The idea was not to achieve a realistic illustration of the fish, but to keep the characteristic colours and details that make each fish typology different."

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"We also gave a 'tropical aquarium' touch with the use of flat designed plants on the background, in contrast with the skeuomorph design of the fish.

The white packaging, with the integration of the colourful illustration, made possible to make the product visually interesting and make it stand out from the competitors."

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"Although being developed almost to production, this design was finally rejected: the client chose to go for much more safe and classic design. We decided to share this project anyway, for the fun we had developing and because it could have made a great product family."

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