Featured image for viamic Belives Nothing Is As Important As Friendship & Wine

viamic Belives Nothing Is As Important As Friendship & Wine

by Casha Doemland on 04/17/2019 | 3 Minute Read

When it came to producing his own collection of wine, wine connoisseur Jaume Jordá aspired to create one that had an excellent quality-to-price ratio and could bring people together, whether they enjoyed wine or not. viamic, a collection of organic wines made with the highest quality ingredients available for as little as 10€ a pop, would do just that.

Jordá then sought out the award-winning creative director and graphic designer Ingrid Picanyol to design the brand and elevate his vision, and she developed a line of labels that resemble buffering Instagram feeds to remind us to be present in the moment and enjoy the company of the people we're with.  

Piqued by the ingenuity of the designs, we interview Picanoyl to discover the full story behind the project.

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What’s Jaume Jordá’s personal philosophy behind wine?

Jordà believes that you don’t need special knowledge to appreciate wine. If you like wine, that’s enough to enjoy it—your personal experience of the wine is the most important thing. That's why he was also really open-minded to give us carte blanche to surprise him with a new approach outside the standard limits. He motivated us to feel free to explore new visual solutions. We were excited about working with him. We see ourselves primarily as free and, by definition, responsible for the final result.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Walk us through the design process. How did you go from start to finish on this project?

I started the process by writing all the reasons for which Jaume is a self-confessed wine lover. During our discussions, I filled out a lot of pages of my personal notebook. After checking the notes,  I realized that we were constantly talking about the look. We both agreed about the importance of the personal view to understanding the world and how there is no one path and no absolute truth. We needed to transmit this idea of relativity with a powerful and familiar visual language, and this was my starting point.

In terms of visual resources, I was convinced that the project needed a great deal of color to avoid looking serious. I began reading a lot of articles about the theory of color and how our brain reacts to specific color combinations.

This occurrence connects me to the conversations I had with Jaume Jordá in the beginning. The blurred images invite us to explore our own perception of what we are seeing, and this visual metaphor for the concept of describing a wine from our point of view.  

Eventually, we decided to use the language of Instagram to connect with the audience, transmit the concept of the wine, and invite our consumers to turn off their connection for a while to enjoy the wines.

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Why was it necessary for you to create something that disconnects us from the outside world, and what sparked the idea behind the visual metaphor?

I feel we deserve to take time off from the social network. I, along with many others, spend too much time on the screen and forget about what's here and now. Hopefully, I can inspire others to fully connect with the place they are and the people they have around, if only for a moment.

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Editorial photograph

Is there a significance behind each of the blurred designs on the bottle? Do they reflect the flavor of the wine, or is it random?

The significance behind each blurred image is on your personal view. Maybe, it reflects the flavor, or not. Maybe it reflects the state of feeling after drinking it. It all depends on you, and your own perspective.

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