The 8 Best Brands We Saw At The Global Pet Expo

by Fred Hart on 04/11/2019 | 3 Minute Read

As “#1 Dog Dad” and “Crazy Cat Lady” have become proud titles of pet parents, we can’t ignore how fast the pet industry is growing. We recently checked out the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL to see how the (human) food and beverage industry is merging with the pet food industry.

Branding and packaging in the pet world are hard to do as any packaging designer will attest, but some of the work we saw in Orlando typifies the best in class examples you'll find in this category.

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Bocce’s Bakery

Bocce’s Bakery knows how to bring fun to the pet treat category. They make dog treats in flavors that are 100% on trend for their human owners, such as Turmeric Latte, Bedtime Tea and Bone Broth. Additionally, they are dipping into the functional space with treats such as Belly Aid and Hip Aid. Their entire portfolio is tied together through a beautiful, modern design system.

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Buddy Jacks

It is rare to find conceptual packaging in the pet space, so our socks were knocked right off when we saw Buddy Jacks new look. Each bag of treats portrays an illustrated dog living his best life. Each flavor comes formulated with at least one ingredient that has a health-halo surrounding it including kelp, goji berries and flaxseed.

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Vet Worthy

Vet Worthy is making a statement in the supplement category by changing their traditional shapes to new, pill-shaped structures. These little bottles are gorgeously minimalistic and certainly stand out in a crowd of other supplements. They bring a touch of fun to a typically mundane category.

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Polkadog Bakery

Polkadog Bakery’s natural jerky strips caught our attention on the trade show floor due to the funky design and unique structure. Each tube features hand-drawn illustration and typography as well as a fun color palette. The tubes are packaged together in a kraft paper box with a convenient handle.

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Cat Sushi

If the name Cat Sushi isn’t enough to get you interested in these treats, then the packaging is sure to do the job. These dehydrated tuna flakes contained in a clear bag features a bright, color-blocked grid and pattern. Illustrations of cats wearing headbands are placed within the color blocks and add to the whimsical spirit of the brand.

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Stella & Chewy’s

Stella & Chewy’s new dinner morsels are proving that pet owners want more out of the food they feed to their fur babies. Their formulas have functional benefits, like their Hip & Joint and Immune products. The packaging brand blocks through the use of red while the typography is approachable and friendly.

Editorial photographSpot Farms

Spot Farms is taking cues from infographic design for their dehydrated pet food packaging. Their look is clean and simple, utilizing iconography to communicate with consumers while proudly calling out that their meat is raised without antibiotics in North Carolina.

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Moxie by Grandma Lucy’s

The packaging for Grandma Lucy’s new brand Moxie is inspired by the transparency trend in our human food. Each ingredient is shown through fresh photography to communicate “what you see is what you get," along with a white background conveying cleanliness and health.

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