Timothy Goodman at HOW Design Live

by Jessica Deseo on 03/28/2019 | 1 Minute Read

Timothy Goodman is known for his illustrations, collaborations and extensive client list. He is also not afraid to share and have an honest discussion about the reality of mental health. At HOW he will discuss how mental health, depression, anxiety, and pressure can affect creatives. You won't want to miss this panel discussion along with Debbie Millman, and Robyn Kanner. Join Timothy again later in the week as he discusses his greatest joy as a designer is connecting to another human being emotionally through his work and words. 

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Whether it's a large scale mural on the streets of NYC, a marker scrawling on a Uniqlo T-Shirt, or a web-based social experiment that documents his life, he wants to start dialogues about difficult topics such as love, heartbreak, politics, race, therapy and mental health. Join Timothy as he talks about what it means to create this kind of work and how it brings value to himself and others.

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