Stacy's Rise Project Supports & Empowers Women Entrepreneurs

by Casha Doemland on 03/28/2019 | 3 Minute Read

Founded by Stacy Madison, Stacy’s Pita Chips aren't strangers when it comes to celebrating Women’s History Month. Just last year, they launched a collection of three bags featuring original artwork dedicated to celebrating, advancing and supporting women alongside a $25,000 pledge to Step Up, an organization helping girls in under-resourced communities to fulfill their potential.

This year is no different as Stacy's Rise Project returns with the help of United Way to support female entrepreneurs looking to kick off their business, or assist already existing ones in a period of growth via six new bags and a $100,000 donation along with the sale of limited edition bags and 8” x 10” prints.

With six female artists, celebrating the six stages of a female entrepreneur's journey, through illustrations, paintings and graphic design, Stacy's newest collection tells a story.

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For the first phase, Inspiration is where the idea of your dream sidesteps into reality, and Japanse artist Nomoco displayed this with a watercolor design of women's faces and hair flowing beautifully together, with bits of plant growth scattered in between.

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In the second phase, graphic designer Amarita Marino displayed the importance of taking a leap of faith with Courage, using an illustration of a woman on the trapeze. It's representative of the journey Marino took when she switched careers in her 30s and pursued graphic design.

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After courage, comes Grit which is where determination and motivation to see this project through lives. Inspired by outer space, Oakland-based designer and artistAlexandra Bowman delivered an illustration of a woman climbing a ladder to the moon, literally doing the work to reaching for the stars.

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Of course, this journey can be difficult and trying, so it's necessary to show yourself a little TLC and understand that sometimes these things take time. Hence why Nourishment is the fourth phase for Stacy's Rise Project and the designs on the bag focus on women watering each other with a sea of florals around them that was illustrated by fine artist Jane Beaird. Self-love and self-care are vital parts of growth, always.

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Once you've put in all the work, hopefully, you've found a little Success for all your blood, sweat and tears. New York-based artistJade Purple Brown, known for her bold blocks of color and strong female figures, serves us all of that with a woman rocking a fierce power stance surrounded by pops of colors.

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Last, and most importantly, the final phase revolves around building a supportive Community that inspires and empowers one another whichEleni Kalorkati conveyed with women lifting each other up in pastel illustrations.

Each bag is unique in their own way, and the distinct artistic style works towards the same goal of empowering and supporting the journey women entrepreneurs take to create and maintain their own business.  All you have to do to show your support is enjoy a bag of pita chips, same as you always would, except now the proceeds are going towards a great cause.

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