SIMPLo is A No-Fuss Premium Coffee Company With Modern Packaging

by Casha Doemland on 03/20/2019 | 2 Minute Read


SIMPLo coffee delivers great taste with gorgeous packaging to boot. Utilizing a bold, modern yet clean approach, this coffee brand is sure to stand out for its elegant look.


"SIMPLo is a no-fuss premium coffee company founded by award-winning roasters; a brand that goes beyond expectation, overdelivering on taste, charisma and service."


"The underlying foundation for the packaging is that its bold persona will excite the tastebuds before you’ve even torn open the bag while reflecting the brand’s bombastic, daring DNA. Added to intelligent use of copy which is informed by the experience of the award-winning baristas and roasters. The brand hopes to engage with a mix of knowledge sharing and warm character."


"Colour, texture and proportion are utilised harmoniously to differentiate SIMPLo’s coffee from a crowded marketplace but also bond its range as a family. And for the coffeeshops and bars who use packaging as an integral part of their visual merchandising, SIMPLo is anything but a wallflower. The packaging is just one part of SIMPLo world, a stimulating place where one sip changes everything."


Agency - Planeta Design


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