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9 Best Health & Beauty Sustainable Subscription Services

by Casha Doemland on 03/12/2019 | 5 Minute Read

Subscription services and refills might be the future of health and beauty just for the sheer convenience of products you know and love arriving straight to your door.

As the heat on single-use plastic continues to rise, more and more companies are getting green by offering zero-waste and eco-friendly products. Sure, some of the companies are still utilizing plastic throughout their designs,  but refill systems can still reduce waste by 50% or more.

It's not an ideal situation, but it's a step in the right direction as the allure of sustainable materials is too much for consumers to pass up.  We've highlighted 9 of our favorite green subscription and refill services that also deliver gorgeous, eye-catching designs for quality beauty products.

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    Founded by Lindsay McCormick and Asher Hunt, Bite wants to reduce the one billion toothpaste tubes that are thrown into a landfill each year with toothpaste tabs. Available in two flavors, naturally whitening fresh mint and fresh mint with activated charcoal, all you have to do is bite down on the minty tab and brush.

    Additionally, created with sustainability in mind, the jars are made of refillable and recyclable glass, and packaged in recyclable boxes made of cardboard sealed with paper tape with refills available in a compostable pack. If you crave simplicity, subscribe and received freshly-pressed refill packs every four months – saving your 38% in costs.

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    Myro Deodorant

    Brought to us by founder and CEO Greg Lapestvsky and designed by Deerfield is Myro, a new line of deodorant that's as good for you as it is for the environment. Made without any of the weird chemicals, but rather plant-powered, clean ingredients the deodorant is packaged in a cute, travel-friendly container that will have all your homies at the gym asking where you got it.

    When they start to ask questions, you can let them know all about the refill system that uses 50% less plastic than the conventional deodorant,  is easily recyclable and has a "Love It or Send it Back, No Strings Attached" return policy that promises fresh, happy armpits or your money back.

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    Honour Essentials

    Inspired by the Dollar Shave Club and Harry's,  Honour Essentials strives to start your morning off right, from their delicious cup of Costa Rican coffee to the products used to give you a good, clean shave. Each product utilizes the leftover beans, residual oils or both to produce their exfoliating rinse, shave cream and revitalizing cream.

    From there, they developed a double edge safety razor and reusable aluminum canisters to reduce their waste footprint and build a subscription service. Each of the refills is sold in a thin, recyclable plastic cup that is shipped in a compostable sugarcane pulp mold to keep them secure during delivery. The subscription time then varies based on the amount of time you use the product each week.

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    by Humankind

    With "single-use plastic sucks" posted up on their website, it's safe to assume they're not trying to sell you straws or water bottles.  Personal care brand by Humankind has designed their products to be refilled, reducing single-use plastic by 90%. Both deodorants and mouthwashes are currently available for subscriptions that offer “kindfills,” a refill shipped in a compostable paper. Additionally,  they have bars of shampoo available, making it the perfect one-stop subscription shop for personal care needs.

    Sure, the original container is plastic for the deodorant and the mouthwash tabs, the refills are not, and every brand has to start somewhere.

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    Albatross is shaving the world one stainless steel razor at a time. Created by Albatross Designs, a Berkley-based green design firm and sailing enthusiast Andrew LaCenere, the idea to bring back the trusty double-edge safety razor began on a sailing trip where Andrew discovered the insane amount of plastic waste throughout the ocean. His contribution? Change the way we shave.

    Currently, Albatross offers two razors, The Flagship Butterfly Razor and The Flagship Butterly Extra Long Razor—same razor, longer handle. From there, you can purchase their shaving soap shipped in a tin along with replacement blades packaged in paper.

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    Flossing is a vital oral hygiene practice your dentist pushes on you to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases. The only downfall is the impact it has on the planet as most flosses come packaged in plastic. Fortunately, Georganics makes dental floss made of Ashima silk, candelilla wax and cardamom oil, all packaged in a simplistic and chic glass container. Better yet, the floss itself is biodegradable and refillable.

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    Beauty Kubes

    Beauty Kubes, a UK-based brand packaged in recyclable cardboard and biodegradable paper, is designed with a minimalistic, colored box and adorned with a diamond design. Each of the cubes is organic, vegan-friendly and contains an infusion of scents like lemongrass, bergamot, cedarwood or sweet orange essentials. All you have to do is take one cube out of the box before popping into the shower and watch it dissolve in your hand before rubbing it through your locks.

    Now, with the help of Well Earth Goods, you can officially purchase the products in the United States and even subscribe, to receive bi-weekly or monthly refills at 10% off a box.

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    Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant

    Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant has some of the most whimsical packaging around featuring a cat in a sweatband and a snake lifting weights. It's good, clean fun paired with pastel polka dots and leaf shapes dispersed throughout the packaging.

    As for the deodorant, it's excellent for sensitive skin as the ingredients are all vegan and fair trade and arrive in a biodegradable tube that will compost in a year. You can purchase the Lavender Bergamont or Grapefruit stick on their website, or on Package Free Shop, where you can subscribe and save $18.

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    Everyone loves a well-designed toothbrush, but when it's also eco-friendly? Sign us up. Truthbrush's rounded handle is made from sustainable, organic bamboo with bristles that come available in soft or medium. You can order these plant-based toothbrushes individually or in a year's supply in a variety pack of colors that comes shipped in a recyclable cardboard pillow pack.

    When it comes time to toss it, be sure to rip out bristles with a pair of pliers so you can throw them in the trash while composting the handle.