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IKEA Is Selling A Flat-Packed Chocolate Bunny For Easter

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/11/2019 | 1 Minute Read

Over six decades ago, Swedish designer Gillis Lundgren's boss tasked him with transporting and photographing a table for their furniture catalog.

The only problem was that he couldn’t fit the assembled table into his very European, tiny car, so he needed to take off the legs. The event inspired him to pitch the idea of flat-packed furniture that customers would assemble at home to his employer, IKEA.

This type of Nordic pragmatism allowed customers to transport furniture in their small yet practical cars, but it also meant more space throughout stores and more units getting shipped at a time—as well as less packaging. Flat-packing also necessitated a simple, clean and minimalistic design, one that has made an impact beyond IKEA’s showrooms.

In the spirit of their signature business innovation, IKEA UK is offering VÅRKÄNSLA, a self-assembled milk chocolate bunny. The package for this 3-piece Easter candy features holiday-themed pastels and solid-colored eggs. The chocolate is UTZ certified, which certifies cocoa that is grown sustainably under humane labor conditions. No instructions are included, neither are any tools, like that little hex wrench thingie.

This 90-gram chocolate bunny is a whimsical homage to IKEA’s simple design, flat-packing and DIY assembly. It’s also more honest than the typical hollow variety, a chocolate crime made of air and lies.

So far, it’s only available on IKEA UK’s site with no signs that it's coming to the US, although there's no harm in attempting to recreate this with their meatballs.