Audacious Sock Wear’s Custom Packaging Won’t Be Hung Out To Dry

by The Dieline on 03/11/2019 | 4 Minute Read

Brittany Harris is a woman with big dreams, and she’s making those dreams come true with every pair of socks she sells through Audacious Sock Wear. In fact, with every pair she sells, she gets one step closer to leaving the cubicle at her day job.

Custom socks are becoming increasingly popular with more and more socks brands vying to get their product on your feet. Of course, Audacious Sock Wear chose to use their gorgeous custom packaging to stand out from the crowd.

Brittany is the creator and designer at Audacious Sock Wear, but before she built her empire of socks, she would often sit in her cubicle and daydream about a world that didn’t include answering phone calls or emails for eight hours a day. But what would that world look like, and what would she be doing?

She knew that no one was ever going to give her this opportunity, and she had to make it happen for herself. At first, she didn’t know what she was going to do; she tried cutting hair but eventually decided that wasn’t the job for her when a client she met on Craigslist asked her to braid his bread. And then there was the attempt to be a handbag designer.

“That was an epic $3000 failure,” Brittany says. “I felt lost. I felt like I wasted my time and money. I truly believed I was going to live out the rest of my days sitting at my desk. Google ‘death by cubicle.’ It’s a real thing.”


After venting to her husband about her frustrations, he told her to start with something small. Maybe she could try her hand at making socks or scarfs?

And that was her aha moment. Brittany ran with the idea and started making socks. Taking the leap and running her own business didn’t come without some trepidation, but she knew she had to be bold and take a risk.

Each pair of socks they create has its own specific vibe, and they focus not only on how the socks look and feel on your feet but also how they make you feel inside. These aren’t your standard, run-of-the-mill socks.

And that’s why Audacious Sock Wear turned to Packlane to create the custom mailer box they use to send every pair of socks in the mail. From a small dainty box they use to send jeweled socks, to their bold black and yellow bee box, their packaging is meant to grab your attention.

“You can literally see our boxes a mile away,” Brittany says. “Custom packaging is how people recognize your brand. I’ve received products before that were literally shipped to me in a brown box and that’s it. Not only is that tacky but I didn’t feel anything when I opened the box, and into the recycling bin it went. Samsung and Apple have nailed packaging. Opening a new phone never gets old—the feel of the box, the color, the smell, the way that all the items are laid out. As a new brand, it’s imperative for us to stand out among the competition. We use our packaging and design to carry the torch from our website to your home and sock drawer.”


A thank-you card and a few stickers come inside every box. Harris lovingly takes the time to package every pair of socks she sells. “I personally lay out all the socks to perfection,” she says. “I even iron them sometimes so I can make sure they’re perfect.”

And Harris isn’t inclined to ignore the myth of dryers eating socks.

“Not only are we sock lovers, but we’re also conspiracy theorists,” she adds. “We do believe that there is a portal or alternate universe in your dryer that takes all your beloved socks. When the aliens come, don’t be surprised if they have on a pair of Nikes and the avocado socks you lost last week.“

But for all the fun Harris has with both her product and brand, she realizes that ensuring the safe journey of her socks to her customers is critical to her success. That’s where her custom boxes come in.

“Packaging is super important,” Brittany says. “Each pair of socks is extremely delicate, and I want them to be delivered to in perfect condition. In addition to the thank you card and stickers, I also place shredded paper in the box so that each sock stays in place as its traveling through the postal system. A.S.W plays no games when it comes to packaging. When you receive your package, we want it to be an experience.”



That’s what makes Audacious Sock Wear so endearing. These socks are made for people who embrace risk and take a leap of faith. They make socks that dare to be different, and they don’t care what others think. As they move forward, Harris hopes to grow A.S.W. from a brand to a lifestyle that not only revamps the sock game but encourages and uplifts their customers.

“We are not for the ho-hum and mundane,” Brittany says. “Our socks are a celebration of personality and life. Believe it or not, a lot of people use socks to add a pizzaz to their boring work lives. We’re on a mission to take over your sock drawer and your entire life. We encourage everyone to be bold and take a risk no matter how big or small. We want to add some audaciousness to your life.”

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