IncrediPuffs – A Micro-Meal for Hungry Eyes

by The Dieline on 02/07/2019 | 2 Minute Read

“A healthier snack this indulgent should speak for itself, but puffed corn can’t talk. We were happy to give it a bold, engaging voice.”

—Nate Dyer, Creative Director, Moxie Sozo


Few categories are as crowded as the American snack food aisle. Despite the hundreds of brightly colored “unique” brands that line the shelves, the same brands have dominated the aisle for more than 30 years.

To get on the shelf and stay there, better-for-you snacking startup The Snack Brigade would need its first offering, IncrediPuffs, to establish its differentiation with ironclad strategy and visually evocative packaging design. The brand turned to Boulder-based creative agency Moxie Sozo for help.


Today, more and more consumers are supplementing mealtime with more frequent snacks throughout the day. Moxie Sozo began by focusing the brand on a mission: To make better-for-you better for all with wholesome, satisfying micro-meals that are as delicious as they are nourishing. A rallying cry for The Snack Brigade followed: United We Snack.


Building on that democratic foundation, Moxie Sozo’s Nate Dyer brought the bold-but-playful brand to life, illustrating unique, memorable brand mascots for each of the four SKUs that gave the packaging an edge without losing its approachability. The packaging also helps to create a strong brand blocking on-shelf and easy flavor navigation—both of which are crucial in changing a consumer’s buying behavior and disrupting an established category.


You can find IncrediPuffs on or in a grocery store near you. You’ll find Moxie Sozo there too, as well as online here.


Learn more about Moxie Sozo here!


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