Celebrate Chinese New Year With This Beautiful Limited-Edition Budweiser Bottle

by Natalie Mouradian on 02/06/2019 | 2 Minute Read

For the third year in a row, Budweiser China has teamed up with design agency jones knowles ritchie (JKR) Shanghai to launch a limited-edition bottle celebrating Chinese New Year. We love the bold atypical color scheme and dynamic graphic elements that make this bottle truly special.

Editorial photograph

In previous years, JKR always featured the zodiac animal of the year as the sole hero of the design. For 2019 however, the Year of the Pig presented a new challenge because the Zodiac Pig had an unlikely friend that also needed spotlighting – the smallest spokesperson in Budweiser history who was “coming back to China” after five years: The Budweiser Ant, affectionately named Xiao Wei (Little Mighty One) locally. 

Editorial photograph

Joining the Zodiac Pig in welcoming back Xiao Wei, JKR Shanghai built a vibrant, jubilant world capturing both the joy and fortune the Zodiac Pig represents as well as the excitement and energy during Chinese New Year as everyone (including Xiao Wei) travels back to their hometowns from the big cities. Through abstract graphics and vivid colors, the design infuses Xiao Wei and the Zodiac Pig with festive Chinese New Year elements: red envelopes, fireworks and blessings of prosperity. Also integrated are Budweiser’s own visual assets: the iconic bowtie shape, the special aluminum bottle cap and the letter “B” in Budweiser’s distinctive script. 

Editorial photograph

JKR’s design elevates the traditional red and gold colors of Chinese New Year while staying true to its essence, giving it new modern appeal.  


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