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Milliways' Gum Comes With Wonderfully Intricate Illustrations

by Casha Doemland on 03/14/2019 | 1 Minute Read

The intricate linework illustrations on Milliways' sugar-free gum packaging are absolutely stunning. We also love the fact that this brand is providing a plastic-free solution to gum packaging, making for a wonderful product overall.

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"How do you design a gum with a story from out of this world, while showcasing it's natural, plastic-free origins?Hawk & Handsaw were given the imaginative brief to create a piece of brand design for Milliways Super Natural Chewing Gum, a new brand of plastic-free, chicle gum based on the story of the explorer Nu-Choo, who travels through galaxies to find new natural and delicious flavours."

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"At the heart of the design is an intricate line-work illustration which brings to life a world of flavour, evoking the mystical story behind the chicle tree gum and its Aztec origins, as well as Nu-Choo's face, which rotates to reveal her superhero persona.

A striking design and strong visual world pulls Milliways away from standard cues in the gum category and brings together a new and expressive brand story with a delicious and natural product."

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