Fazer Carneval Delivers A Little Imagination With Each Box

by Casha Doemland on 03/12/2019 | 2 Minute Read

We love the cute characters that adorn the boxes of Fazer Carneval, a well-known Finnish cookie brand.


"Fazer Carneval is the most iconic cookie brand for Finnish kids and adults alike. Since the 1920s it has undeniably been a party classic.

Over the years the range has grown to include different themes, for example, cars and princesses, but has fallen short in terms of branding."


"Our creative brief was to revive the iconic status and create a new brand identity that would allow for theme additions, all within a coherent and highly recognisable design language.

True to the real carnival, playing party dress-up is the foundation of the new brand concept. Today I can be a princess, tomorrow maybe a mouse. In addition, the new logotype strikes a nostalgic cord, inspired by childhood arts and crafts paper cuts."


"We introduced the consumers with an uncanny gang of jovial little creatures, lurking on the supermarket shelves, dressed up for the occasion, with their faces revealing that cheerful moment we allrecognise: the anticipation of the first bite. The illustrations of these characters are inspired by colours and shapes of the products themselves.

The result is playful and mischievous, these whimsical figureheads have brought new life to the brand, and just like good a costume, impossible to resist."


Agency - Kuudes OY
Creative Director - Piëtke Visser
Designer - Piëtke Visser

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