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by Jessica Deseo on 02/15/2019 | 1 Minute Read

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Our New Trophy

With our new branding we now have a new trophy. Make room on your shelf. 

This is a new era for the Dieline Awards one with more categories, a greater emphasis on sustainability, and tougher competition than ever before. To recognize this, Dieline turned to Jones Knowles Ritchie to redesign the coveted trophies which are produced by Society Awards.The Dieline Awards Trophy is inspired by the humble cut lines of a simple folding boxes but reimagined in impressive sculptural form. Using Dieline's bespoke typeface inspired by packaging, Dieline Sans, the trophy represents a timeless strength and beauty to honor winners of Dieline Awards. Depending on placement, winners will receive a trophy that is clear crystal, translucent blue crystal, matte black metal, bronze, silver, or gold.To make each The Dieline Awards trophy involves a combination of industrial machinery and hand craftsmanship. Each one is cast with technical precision using automotive quality steel dies, and then lovingly hand-finished and polished to a mirror perfection. The awards in different categories are electroplated with a combination of charcoal chrome, a rhodium-nickel alloy, and genuine 24kt gold.

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