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Stone Brewery Has A Peachy Beer To Toast Trump's Troubles

by Rudy Sanchez on 12/23/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Although Stone Brewing initially released their peach double IPA last year, the craft beer maker felt the timing was right to rerelease their I’M PEACH nationwide this past Thanksgiving. 

The beer’s name isn’t subtle about where the brewery stands when it comes to Trump, the third US president to be impeached, and the only president to face the congressional sanctioning in his first term. The beer may have served as a call-to-action when it debuted, but in the face of recent developments, this peachy beer could serve as more of a celebratory beverage, or as a reason to add Stone Brewing to your enemy list.

I’M PEACH is available in cans, bottles, and on draught, and the pink and teal label features the fruit and the brewer’s signature gargoyle head. A message on the back explains the brewer’s position on impeaching Trump and, spoiler alert, they’re in favor of removing the reality TV star turned chief executive of the United States. In perhaps another jab at Trump, Stone’s pairing menu features a lot of Mexican dishes such as a quesadilla with mango salsa, baby gem Caesar salad, and duck al pastor tacos.

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The beer's description is as follows:

“It’s what a lot of us are thinking. We want to shout I’M PEACH from the rooftops. Yet, we’re afraid of the potential alienation from select peach-hating members of our friends and family. We want to call for an I’M PEACH, but we’re afraid that we’ll look soft. Peach soft, like some freedom-hating sissy, right? Nope. Not in our world. We know peaches are for the righteous. We’ve seen the light of their sweet, juicy glory, and how they pair excellently with the standup character of an American IPA. It’s not just right for you, it’s right for the country. You’re proud of our beautiful nation. You support good taste. Have an I’M PEACH party, and we’ll unite hops, peaches, and each other.”

Stone joins several brands that have created limited-edition products in response to Trump or in favor of his political opponents, such as Ben & Jerry’s Pecan Resist, Ben Cohen’s own Bernie’s Back, in support of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and game maker Cards Against Humanity’s Trump Bug-Out Bag.

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