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A Commitment To Quality Inspires Olive Oil Oath's Packaging

by Rudy Sanchez on 12/19/2019 | 3 Minute Read

Rather than going the traditional route, agency S & Team decided on a minimal packaging design, emphasising the quality of the premium olive oil and the promise made by Oath to always offer the very best available.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

"The Story

After thorough research, Baglatzis sisters came to us to develop their oil package design. With a background in physics and engineering, both sisters employ a scientific approach to everything they do. Together with their parents they have created a large productive olive grove and an oil processing plant equipped with the latest technology. And have now reached a point where they produce a high-quality organic extra virgin olive oil.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

The Name

As it was expected, their mentality and scientific approach affected the way in which we thought about their olive oil’s name. After presenting some options, both ‘parties’ agreed and concluded that ‘oath’ was the best fit name for their product. It is a bold name, which communicates the devotion with which they produce their olive oil. Their oil represents a promise. A promise to themselves and to their customers; to always offer the highest quality available.

The Logos

Being aware that ‘oath’ is a bold name, we didn’t want to create a ‘weighty’ logo. Oath logo seems as it made just by using a font. But it is more than that. Taking a second look, one can discern a discreet cross, an emblematic symbol linked to oath-taking. The hidden symbol shows its strength from a concealed position. What’s more, we were also asked to design a logo for Baglatzis Estate. Baglatzis Estate logo represents a combination of a letter B signature and a one-line drawing of an olive tree, also used as part of the Estate’s stamp badge.

Editorial photograph

The Packaging

After thorough discussion with Baglatzis sisters, we agreed to focus on the product’s quality characteristics instead of choosing or designing a fancy packaging that would not only lead to retail price rise but could possibly disorientate consumers. Therefore, we went for classic Dorica bottle. We designed a label that covers the largest portion of the bottle. White has an important role in the design of the label; it communicates the purity of the product, with the logo being the protagonist of the packaging, without being loud. We also had the idea of incorporating a text for Baglatzis’ oath, which is sealed with Baglatzis Estate’s embossed stamp badge. The capsule of the oath olive oil is white to match with the packaging and is hot stamped to add a touch of flair. The bottle neck tag includes important information, such as trace number and oil’s characteristics."