Toronto Agency The Hive And Drake General Store Release Advent Calendar Aimed At Mental Wellness

by Rudy Sanchez on 12/15/2019 | 2 Minute Read

The holiday season can add additional stress to one's lives, making it less festive and more dreadful. Toronto-based agency The Hive created a twist on the Advent calendar, that's filled with reminders to mind one's mental wellbeing. Proceeds from the sale go to the Canadian Mental Health Association, in order to help others also vulnerable.

"The Self-Care Calendar for Festive Season Survival

New advent calendar provides messages of encouragement and hope during a stressful time

Despite what the TV commercials and mall music might say, it's certainly not the most wonderful time of the year for many Canadians. In fact, the holidays can be emotionally, financially and even physically taxing.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

According to research, 59% of people admitted to feeling sad during the holiday, while 55% lacked motivation or energy and 51% said they were fatigued. With the pressure to feel merry seeming to increase with each passing December day, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and forget some of the keys to contentment and wellbeing.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Toronto agency The Hive has created a solution called "The Self-Care Calendar for Festive Season Survival." Rather than sweet treats, however, this advent-style calendar is filled with messages of encouragement and hope, with all proceeds going to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Editorial photograph
  • Chief Creative Officer: Simon Creet/The Hive
  • Creative Director/Writer/Art Director: Meghan Kraemar/The Hive
  • Associate Creative Director/Writer: Mitch Duesling/The Hive
  • Illustrator: Janet Mac/The Hive
  • Project Management: Cecilia Hui/The Hive
  • Project Management: Inessa Karlinsky/The Hive
  • Photography: Vicky Lam
  • Production Company: Westside Studios
  • Print Production Company: Flash Reproductions


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