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ALT Packages Their Fast-Acting Liquid Cannabis In Vials

by Rudy Sanchez on 12/13/2019 | 2 Minute Read

There are 78 million Americans that live in states where recreational marijuana is legal, but in Canada, it is legal everywhere for over 37 million Canucks. However, curious consumers aren’t the only ones experimenting with the kind herb, as intrepid folks are hard at work in the lab, tinkering and toying with cannabis to create new ways of getting high that don’t involve taking hits out of some sketchy apparatus MacGyvered together by your stoner pals.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

The people behind ALT (Advanced Liquid Technology) are some of those new weed innovators, creating an odorless, tasteless, and water-soluble THC-infused liquid product that they promise delivers a quicker, more potent effect that comes packaged to enable precisely-dosed highs.

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This embrace of science and technology to enhance marijuana and accommodate the modern cannabis consumer is communicated in ALT’s visual identity and packaging, as is the metaphor of height and altitude. Designed by Vancouver-based Very Polite, the packaging features visual elements inspired by navigation instruments such as crosshairs and GPS coordinates, all with crisp, sharp typography set against a high contrast background play on the altitude motif. The addition of well-placed red markers are not only on-theme, but also add a touch of color to the black, white, and silver palette.

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Each 5-or-10mg dose is packed in an individual vial, with graduated markers along the side, allowing users to easily add some or all of an ALT serving into their favorite liquid, hot or cold. The individual vials can be easily thrown into a bag or pocket, or stored safely in the slide-out box.

ALT is now available throughout California dispensaries, with a CBD only version coming soon.

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