Home Box Office Finally Releases Actual Box

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/07/2019 | 1 Minute Read

Some TV is best as a shared experience, like a big sporting event or an awards show, but there are times we just want to sit back, relax and veg out alone, with our shows. That can prove difficult in shared living quarters, such as college dorm rooms. Premium cable network HBO understands the pain that comes wanting to watch a few episodes of Entourage without having your bunky justifiably mock you, or when you’re still behind on Game of Thrones and your roommate can’t help but spoil stuff.

HBO’s privacy box is a large black box with leg cut-outs, designed so you can sit back against the headboard on your bed, ensconced in the solitude of your own private viewing room. The cardboard box also includes some vent holes and a shelf and is minimally branded.

The network is currently giving away these boxes via partner Fooji on Twitter. To be eligible, contestants must be over 18, have an edu domain email, and live in an area served by Doordash or FedEx. Some winners may also get AirPods, HBO stickers or T-shirts.

The private viewing box is a low-tech solution to a persistent problem among college dorm dwellers, although it is surprising that HBO beat PornHub to the idea, just saying.

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