Moschino And Budweiser Create Fashionable Twist On Iconic Beer Label

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/05/2019 | 2 Minute Read

American beer stalwart and Clydesdale enthusiast Budweiser’s label is instantly recognizable, and while the brewer has changed up the design here and there, those refreshes have been ever-so-subtle. The certificate-style label design is perhaps as much a symbol for the lager as it is for the nation that produces it, plus it is the second most popular brew in the world, second only to Snow, a beer you can only get in China. 

Editorial photograph

That same iconic logo now serves as inspiration for a new limited-edition 15-piece capsule collection from fashion house Moschino. The king of collaborations debuts alongside two limited-edition aluminum bottles releases from Bud—your grandpappy’s true-blue Budweiser and their new amber lager Pulse. 

Editorial photograph

Moschino’s capsule’s items include hoodies, joggers, shirts, and other items adorned with a tweaked version of Budweiser’s label, “Moschino” replaces “Budweiser” and “King of Beers” becomes “King of Clothes,” set against a red background.

Budweiser has consistently been able to become part of the social fabric, with ad campaigns like “This Bud’s For You,” and the “Bud-Wies-er” croaking frogs, so elements like their label are still instantly recognizable despite the brand no longer being the king of beer sales at-home, ceding the crown to its less-filling brother, Bud Light.

Moschino’s Budweiser limited collection is available while supplies last.

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