Plant-based Leaf Jerky Gives Omnivores One Less Reason To Eat Meat

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/26/2019 | 1 Minute Read

Plants can be tasty, and many folks have lived happy and healthy on a flesh-free diet. Plus, plant-based foods require fewer resources to produce than meat, making it a more sustainable source of sustenance.


Of course, there are plenty of folks who want to eat a lot less meat, and Impossible and Beyond Meats have offered consumers a close-enough iteration of the real deal. Kellogg’s, already offering meatless products like Morningstar, as well as Incogmeato, is furthering their plant-based line with a vegan jerky that promises to please both veg-heads and meat-eaters alike.

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Leaf Jerky, a punny name sure to score high with dad-joke aficionados, is mostly made of legumes, soy in this case, and doesn’t contain any leaves. The soy snack is the brainchild of Amy Shouldice, who pitched the idea to her bosses at Kellogg’s, and got the green light and support to launch the Leaf Jerky brand.

Amy’s mission isn’t just to create alt-meat jerky but to do so in the most sustainable way possible. Leaf Jerky comes from sustainably-farmed ingredients, and you can return the plant-inspired packaging to the store for recycling--thankfully, they eased up on the puns and did not instruct buyers to leaf the packaging at the store.

Leaf Jerky has been making the trade show rounds with plans to launch in test markets in 2020, according to VegNews.

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