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Yeah, Mom’s Gravy Is Great And All, But Kiva’s Has Weed In It

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/21/2019 | 2 Minute Read

More access to cannabis has created a lot of new ways to consume marijuana and get high. Sure edibles have been around forever, but micro-dosing is a relatively new phenomenon that provides some of the benefits of weed, such as mental wellness, calm, and empathy, without the psychedelics, facilitated by edible manufacturers designing low-dose products. 

Family gatherings can be a source of anxiety and stress, leaving some struggling with their desire to strangle close family members they deeply love despite their faults—it presents the perfect opportunity to give your nearest and dearest a micro-dose of cannabis, so long as the kids aren’t around. Kiva wants to ease everyone around the table with a new, limited-edition gravy infused with cannabis that’s designed to act quicker than traditional edibles.

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Kiva’s gravy makes use of a new fast-acting technology that allows active molecules to get directly absorbed into the body’s endocannabinoid receptors, which the edibles maker says makes their products more predictable, controllable and precisely dosed than other edibles on the market. Kiva also says their groovy gravy works as quickly as two minutes, versus up to 90 minutes for traditional edibles.

The 1oz pouch of turkey gravy features line art similar to their other products, with a traditional gravy boat at the bottom, adorned with a cannabis leaf. The label also carries Kiva’s signature use of typography with an equally artistic effect.

Each pouch contains 10mg of THC, a decent dose for the light-to-medium cannabis consumer, or if shared, a reasonable micro-dose. Kiva says the gravy will be available for $5 at select dispensaries in California in limited quantities.

The infused gravy is the first edible utilizing this technology, and Kiva plans to release a suite of products featuring the quick onset edibles, including hot cocoa soon.

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