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Mattel Creates Nonpartisan UNO Just In Time For Thanksgiving

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/21/2019 | 2 Minute Read

The holidays are a time for getting together and spending time with relatives-sometimes this itis the only time of year family members will see each other in person. 

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In the age of social media and omni-connectivity, chances are a few family members have gone full stop ranting about politics and conspiracy theories online, subjecting everyone all year to wing nut diatribes about Witch Hunts™, Fake News™, and foreign corporations with names that are hard to pronounce, and they’re likely to bring their politics to the festivities.

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Those hoping that this year would see a lull in the bitter, entrenched political discourse have been sorely disappointed as Congress closes 2019 in the thick of impeachment hearings while those with aspirations for the top executive spot are fighting for the Democratic Party nomination. So even if everyone gathered agrees Nunes has a very punchable face, the Bernie bros might get into it with the Biden bros over Medicare for all, the kind of familial melee that sadly Warren doesn’t have a plan for.

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Games are a great way to have fun and avoid touchy subjects like politics, but 2019 might be the year you skip playing Riskand pick up Nonpartisan UNO instead.

Nonpartisan UNO plays just like the original version with a few tweaks — the red "1" and blue "2" cards are replaced with less partisan colors orange and purple, respectively, and there’s a special “No Politics” card that allows the holder skip anyone talking about politics during the game. Plus, it's easy enough to learn and play to bring the whole family under the tent.

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The packaging comes in Prince-purple (after all, it’s Prince Rogers Nelson who can bring everyone together), and features witty copy like “no red or blue cards means taking no sides.” Mattel clearly crosses out politics, and it is very much off-limits, thank you.

For everyone looking to avoid political arguments while chowing down on turkey, Nonpartisan UNO is available now as a Walmart exclusive.